HPR is a performance oriented, type forming, continuum box rule which allows limited trading between the factors.

HPR is international, permitting boats from many countries to race in high level events.

HPR is a fixed and published formula rule - Designers can directly calculate unlimited HPR rating trials.

HPR will yield a rating in linear meters which can be converted to Time-on-Time (TOT) handicaps.

HPR utilizes elements and concepts from several fixed formula rules.

HPR will modernize with the times and the newest HRP boats will not be slower than other common sense offshore mono-hulls that could be designed in the absence of a rating rule.


  • To get more people sailing, more owners building new yachts, and more existing yachts racing.
  • To create more excitement in the sport of sailboat racing.
  • To create a rule of sufficient quality that the owners elevate it to high performance status for use worldwide.
  • To encourage racing in good fast yachts that are fun to sail, safe, and competitive for many years, including new builds and existing yachts.
  • To be as inclusive as possible of the existing fleet and yet encourage new builds.
  • To create a forum where teams can compete at sailing as well as design and optimization. This requires a published and objective rule.
  • To be fully compliant with the UMF (Universal Measurement Form).

US Sailing, RORC, and ORC are jointly developing a “Universal Measurement Form” (UMF) which includes all measurements required by IRC, ORR, ORC and PHRF. Other rules are encouraged to participate.

The intent of this UMF is that once measured, a boat’s rating can be calculated under any participating rule. RORC and US Sailing envision that eventually all new boats will come with the completed UMF on a Flash Drive.

While some have hoped for “One World, One Rule” the UMF is vastly more practical and will permit each rule to better to serve its installed base. HPR’s philosophy is “The Right Rule for the Right Job.”

HPR is very supportive of the UMF effort.

It will be a participant and will only use measurements that appear on the UMF.

What The World Says About HPR

Eddie Owen (RORC Executive Director)

Matt Allen (Boat owner, ex-Commodore Cruising YC Australia)


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