Current designs built or under build:

Carkeek 60 - Matt Allen's latest Ichiban launched and sailing now in AUS

TP 52 - 60 built since 2001 by various builders and designers all over the world

GP 42 - 15 built since introduction in 2006, now all over the world

Carkeek 40 - 3 built by McConaghy Boats in China in 2012, all in the USA

Carkeek 40 Mk2 - A new design from Carkeek being built in two options: Grand Prix or Race models

Carkeek 47 - 1 built and for sale in Dubai at Premier Composites, another just launched in USA

HH 42 - Two built and sailing in HKG and the UK, more on order

Farr 400 - 15 built at Premier Composites in Dubai, now in USA, AUS, NOR, and RUS

Soto 40 - dozens built by Javier Mendez in Argentina, most in CHI, ARG, ESP and BRA

Botin 40 - one under build at McConaghy Boats for JPN, interest from elsewhere

McConaghy 38 - a dozen built and sailing in AUS, HKG and USA

Enavigo 38 - production started in CRO

FB 35 - one under custom build at VanMunster Boats in AUS

GP 26 - dozens built in ARG, TUR, RUS and USA

New designs to be built:

Carkeek 35

Tripp 42

Cossutti 45

We welcome information and information on more HPR boats. Please use our information submission form.