Nine entries are hitting the starting lines tomorrow for the first day of racing at Quantum Key West 2013. This will be the best-attended HPR event to date after HPR made its exhibition debut here last year, and the first using the latest v4 Rule calculator.

Here are the entries and their latest ratings:

Chessie Racing        Farr 400         George Collins                0.972

Team Premier           Farr 400        Hannes Waimer              0.973

Spaceman Spiff        Farr 400         Rob Ruhlman                 0.975

Meridian X                Farr 400         Sledd Shelhorse             0.975

Santa                       Farr 400         Claus Landmark             0.975

Catapult                    Ker 40           Marc Glimcher                0.984

Stray Dog                 GP 42            Charles Engh                 1.001

Spookie                    Carkeek 40    Steve & Heidi Benjamin   1.013

Decision                   Carkeek 40    Stephen Murray              1.016

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