The mission of the High Performance Rule (HPR) is to:

1. encourage the development of fast, seaworthy offshore racing yachts with fixed ballast and non-powered winches that utilize the latest in design and build technologies and that are fun and exciting to sail;

2. help develop the ocean racing yacht typeform of both production and one off planing boats for the present and future;

3. be as inclusive as possible of the existing racing fleet and yet encourage new builds;

4. encourage faster yachts rather than lower ratings;

5. equalize the performance of HPR yachts from 26 to 72 feet LOA;

6. be accessible and transparent to its users worldwide, with limited changes from year to year;

7. make the measurement and definition of HPR yachts compatible with existing international paradigms wherever possible; and

8. enhance and support participation in sailing by sailors, owners, organizers, national and international sailing organizations, sponsors and media.