SEAHORSE Magazine, January 2014 edition - design review of the new Carkeek 47 here.

Eddie Owen (RORC Executive Director):

"HPR is doing a good job of helping promote new race boat design development."

Jahn Tihansky (Offshore Sailing Director, US Naval Academy):

"On behalf of Navy Sailing, a huge thank you for spearheading the effort to get an HPR class going at BIRW.   Looks like the current iteration is kind to our vintage of TP52!

"I'd also like to thank everyone in the class for the opportunity to have my team compete with you there, and find it difficult to put into words the magnificent experience the crew of Corsair enjoyed in sailing against you.  Thanks also for talking with us on the dock and sharing your feedback after racing each day."

Matt Allen (Boat owner, ex-Commodore Cruising YC Australia): 

"I see HPR as a having a great future, because the kinds of boats that it encourages matches our interests very well: fast, fun, and offshore-capable. The rule is also appealing because it is simple, transparent and fair, and the most recent generation of fast boats - like the Farr 400 and MC 38 - fit the intent of the rule very well."