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Thanks for your interest in participating in the STC/AMRC Fall Big Boat Regatta. This will be a great long weekend of racing in one of the best times of year to be in Annapolis. Our race management team from the Storm Trysail Club and the Annapolis Match Race Center have many years experience setting courses for championship events, and they look forward to providing you with as many races as the weather and daylight hours allow.

Now, for some details to help in your planning:

Entries: There are 12 teams currently on the roster at the Yacht Scoring event page, but some of you have not yet completed your Registration process, so we'd appreciate you going online to do so as soon as possible. Remember, a portion of the entry fees will be tax-deductible as a donation to support the Annapolis Match Race Center.

New second class: We have had some recent interest in forming a smaller-boat class of fast 30-ish footers, including some Farr 30's who have expressed interest in sailing. This will mean another start and perhaps some shorter courses for this new class, but we need you guys to sign up with a minimum of 5 boats before we can commit to giving you a start.

Dockage, Housing, on-site logistics: If you have not already sorted yourself with these items by now, here are some options:

Housing: Try Annapolis Accommodations for team housing rental: Last we checked, there were many options still available at reasonable prices over the 30 Oct - 4 Nov time frame.

Boatyard & dockage services: Bert Jabins Yacht Yard is the premier race boat facility in Annapolis, located on Back Creek at 7310 Edgewood Road - phone 410 268 9667. Call in advance to check on availability for commissioning/decommissioning services, boat and trailer storage, dockage options, etc. 

Those with drafts >3 m should try the Annapolis Yacht Basin on Spa Creek in downtown Annapolis (410 263 3544) or on the end tie at Severn Sailing Association - SSA (Mike Higgins at 410 991 1383). 

Do not try Annapolis YC or Eastport YC - they will be full of J/105's for their NA Championship. 

Social schedule: On Thursday after Registration at Eastport YC there will be a Reception from 6-8 PM, and on Friday after racing all teams are invited to the Happy Hour at Factors Row, a new restaurant owned by local racing sailor Bruce Gardner in the heart of town at 26 Market Space. On Saturday night we have nothing planned to interfere with your own team dinners, and on Sunday our Awards will be at Bert Jabins as soon as possible after racing so everyone get on the road back home.

IRC Ratings: Go to for information on measurement and rating services. Note that RORC charges a rush fee for certificate processing of less than 5 days, so plan ahead to have measurement information submitted in time to US Sailing.Those wanting to be scored in IRC need to provide a valid IRC certificate to us by no later than October 26th - email submission is acceptable. For those needing IRC certificates, contact Eric Baittinger at US Sailing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

HPR Ratings: HPR is a measured rule using most of the same measurement protocols as ORR and ORCi, with a few variants. IRC measurements are not sufficient alone to have an HPR certificate, so please contact us ASAP so we can arrange to get any necessary measurements not already on file. 

HPR is a public, published and transparent rule, with all rating and measurement data available on the latest HPR Calculator V4g found on the HPR website. Measurement guidelines are available at 

As you can see, the tabs on the V4g spreadsheet contain the measurement data for several dozen HPR-style boats currently in the database. To use this sheet, simply find your boat in the Datasheet tab and enter its number in Row 1 into Cell T4 on the Certificate tab. This will populate the Certificate field with your data and generate your rating. 

If your boat IS NOT in the database, please contact me ASAP so we can get you started with getting the measurement data needed. Our goal is to have all the measurement data in hand by Friday, October 25th so that the rating authority at US Sailing can collate and verify all the data prior to racing. Our goal is to have official HPR certificates issued by no later than Tuesday, October 29th.

If your boat IS in the database, please verify that all the information is correct or let me know which parameters have changed (for eg, sail measurements from by your sailmakers should be filled out on the attached sail measurement form).

Official HPR certificates good for the remainder of 2013 will be discounted 50% at $4/foot LOA, and revisions on existing certificates will be also discounted 50% at $100. New certificates issued due to new rule updates (for eg, from V4f1 to V4g) are free. 

Crew restrictions: there are no restrictions such as those defined by ISAF Classification for crew members or helmsmen.

Crew weight and limits: For teams racing with IRC certificates, you must be at your IRC crew limits, and we will convert this to HPR weight using 85 kg/crew member.

For this regatta for HPR entries we are waiving the maximum crew weight limit defined in HPR Rule 11.2, and ask you to simply calculate your rating based on your declared crew weight. The idea is that you should not change the number of team members you prefer to sail with just to make a crew weight. Attached is an example form you can use to organize your crew and log their estimated weights. Remember, in HPR there’s very little cost to crew weight, so err on being generous in your declaration so there are no surprises should there be a protest and you get weighed in.

Those being scored in both IRC and HPR will have to conform to the maximum weight limit of (IRC crew number +1) x 85 kg (you can declare less than this amount for your HPR rating if this is how you sail). Please also note that crew weight declarations should be submitted by Friday, October 25th.

Sail restrictions: Those racing IRC can race with their IRC sail limits +1, and for HPR boats there are no limits (those being dual-scored must adhere to the IRC + 1 limit). We will also not allow any change to the crew or sail inventory once having left the dock each day.

HPR Class meeting: we want to have just a brief gathering on one evening (probably Thursday after Registration) just to explain to everyone where we are with the rating system, some recent developments, and upcoming events in the calendar. This would also be an excellent time to propose any changes you’d like to see in the upcoming revisions of the Rule.

We hope this helps answer questions you may have, and please get back to us soon with any thoughts or concerns.

Area map.pdf Crew weight worksheet.pdf NOR amend 1.pdf