The first informational meeting about the High Performance Rule (HPR) was held on Saturday 12-Nov-11 at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club.  The meeting opened at 4:05 pm.  There were about 40 invited participants and the speakers were Steve Benjamin, Tom Harrington (Vice-Commodore of the New York Yacht Club), Dan Nowlan (Offshore Director of US Sailing), Jim Teeters (President, Sailing Yacht Research Foundation), Harry Dunning (Dunning Yacht Design), Shaun Carkeek (Carkeek Design Partners), Bill Tripp (Tripp Design), and Dee Smith.

Tom Harrington welcomed everyone and indicated the NYYC’s support for HPR as a facilitator and it is the Club’s intention to see the Rule adopted, administered and owned independently of the NYYC.

Steve Benjamin read a statement from Bruno Finzi (ORC Chairman) – “ORC is looking forward to helping HPR analyze the rule, and will have the ITC do so with an open mind towards future collaboration.”

Steve Benjamin and Jim Teeters presented a Powerpoint describing the HPR concept.  Jim Teeters explained the correcter strategy shown on Slide 23 and his work which is now in Phase 2 of the HPR development.  Bill Lee completed Phase 1 on 7-Aug-11.

Harry Dunning provided an explanation about the new MC38 building at McConaghy China.  Two boats are sailing already in Sydney.  

Shaun Carkeek provided a preview of his new HP 40.  Three are building also at McConaghy China, the first will be sailing in January.

Dee Smith discussed the Farr 400.  Dee stated that several boats have been sailing this season and five are expected at Quantum Key West Race Week 2012.

Bill Tripp provided an overview of HPR and the thinking behind the concept.

Questions and answers followed with Gino Bottino, Jeff Udell, and George Isdale providing further comment and guidance.

The meeting concluded at 5:20 pm and a social hour was held followed by a round table dinner with ten of the meeting participants.