HPR v3c Rule Calculator Now Available

Example spreadsheet shows ratings for popular race boat designs, including entries in upcoming Rolex Big Boat Series fleet

HPR (High Performance Rule) is pleased to announce that the latest version of its Rule Calculator spreadsheet is available on the HPR website at www.hprsailing.org. The Rule Calculator provides an easy access method to determine the HPR rating of any modern high-performance offshore-capable racing yacht given measurement data available from certificates issued under the ORR, ORC and IRC rules.

The example spreadsheet is populated with measurements and rating calculations for some popular race boat designs, and includes a section of boats that are scheduled to compete in the upcoming Rolex Big Boat Series held at St Francis YC over September 6-9, 2012.

“We’re pleased to offer this calculator to the racing community,” said Bill Lee, Technical Director of HPR, “because it helps fulfill an important principle of transparency for HPR, and gives the users an opportunity to see how the HPR typeform works when given accurate measurement data.”

The data in the spreadsheet is based on what is known from available certificate data, but may not reflect the actual measurements for a user’s boat. When ready to issue, HPR certificates will only use data obtained from credible sources, such as full-measured ORR, ORCi and Endorsed IRC certificates. Any additional data needed will have to be from measurements taken by a certified HPR measurer.

“The intent of this rule is to provide fair ratings for high-performance boats, and the measurement data must therefore be as accurate as possible,” says Lee. “So, given accurate measurements this rule calculator will give the user an idea of how his boat rates relative to other boat types in the HPR system.”

Ratings in HPR are expressed as a metric linear length, with a single-number time-on-time TCF (Time Correction Factor). Corrected times are therefore calculated by simply multiplying elapsed time by the boat’s TCF.

A list of HPR boats and their ratings is summarized on the Fleet Ratings page in the Technical tab of the HPR website.

Experimental HPR scoring will be made of the IRC C Class during the upcoming Rolex Big Boat Series, and a presentation of the HPR Rule and analysis of the races held thusfar will be made by Bill Lee and Dobbs Davis at 8:30 AM on Sunday, September 9 at StFYC. All who are interested in learning about the rule are invited to attend.

For more information on the Rolex Big Boat Series, visit www.rolexbigboatseries.com.