Spookie upwind lo-res

The Organizing Authority of the 2012 Storm Trysail East Coast IRC Championship has kindly offered to score entries in the IRC 1 Class using HPR ratings, and is offering a prize for the winner in that class based on HPR scoring. Ratings are going to be a single-number Time-on-Time factor which when multiplied by each entry’s Elapsed Time will give Corrected Time, and the HPR winner will be the entry with the lowest total score among other HPR entries.

Since this is not in the NOR, we want to announce some guidelines related to this dual-scoring option:

- there are no official HPR certificates available yet (these will be offered in 2013), so ratings will be posted on the event website once all measurement data becomes available for the HPR-eligible entries.

- the data used to calculate ratings will come from measurements and “reliable” sources, such as IRC, ORC and/or ORR certificates of the entries and/or their sisterships

- the HPR v3c Rating Calculator will be used, and is posted on the HPR website at www.hprsailing.org

- once the final spreadsheet of entries is posted (the target is for this to be on Wednesday, 24 Oct), this will be announced and all entries should examine the data and let us know if there are any corrections needed, including estimated crew weight. Once any corrections are made, the final version will be posted on Thursday, 25 Oct prior to racing

- it is the intent to score similar-sized boats that conform to the principles of HPR, such as the following designs: MC 38, Farr 400, Ker 40, GP 42, etc.

We welcome all interested in HPR to join us for an informal dockside party after racing on Friday, Oct 26 at Bert Jabins Yacht Yard. There we will discuss the status of the rule development, new HPR-style boats and designs, and upcoming HPR-scored races and regattas in the 2012 and 2013 season.

For more information, visit the regatta site at http://www.yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=587