By a mere 1-point margin in 10 races sailed in five days, Stephen Murray’s Carkeek 40 Decision won the HPR Class at Quantum Key West over Spookie, Steve and Heidi Benjamin’s sistership Carkeek 40. These two dominated the results in this class, although great boat-for-boat racing was had among the 5 Farr 400’s entered, led in the end of George Collins’s team on Chessie Racing, who was also third overall.

Marc Glimcher’s Ker 40 Catapult won the IRC sub-class, and even did well in most of the week’s breezy races held on Days 2-5.

A class meeting was held on Wednesday evening, with a room full of people at Kelly’s that represented sailors, owners, industry pros, designers, race organizers and journalists – an impressive crowd. Among them there were great suggestions made for improvements to HPR, some new HPR designs revealed, including a Tripp HPR 42 reviewed personally by Stephane Leveel from Tripp, and an overview given of the next HPR event, the Midwinters regatta in Miami being held March 4-9.

Minutes of that meeting will be available soon, along with a scoring analysis and some suggested improvements to the HPR Rule.

Photos from Leighton O’Connor are available at, and a great video Leighton did of his day aboard Decision is available at this address:

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