Spookie rain Day 2 KW

It was a dramatic day of delays, squalls, and wild wind shifts, yielding only one 5-leg course for the day. Crew work was at the premium, giving the more seasoned teams the chance to shine.

Congrats to SPOOKIE on their victory in the only race on Day Two of Quantum Key West. DECISION got second in this race and still has the lead in the HPR class.

"We didn’t do it so well yesterday," said SPOOKIE co-owner Steve Benjamin. "We got into the lead in both races but weren’t able to hang on to it. Yesterday in the light air was real shifty, and we maneuvered ourselves into a couple of holes and adverse windshifts so we got caught up a bit in that.

"Today, Heidi, my wife and tactician, did a great job looking for a left shift off the starting line and asked me to start at the pin end. So we got a good start at the pin, clear air going left, the other three boats tacked to the right, we went a little farther and tacked onto port up to windward of them and then the wind proceeded to shift 20 or 30 degrees to the left so she had us in the right place."

Results are here: www.yachtscoring.com/event_results_cumulative.cfm?eID=918 (click on each race to see detailed time results).

A video interview about the HPR Class can be found at www.premiere-racing.com/wagner2014.html, and a print interview by Sailing World managing editor Meredith Powlison can be found at www.sailingworld.com/racing/hangin-with-hpr.

Thanks to Meredith for this dramatic photo!