Whiplash aerial

We’re excited to have a solid HPR class once again for the 2014 Rolex Big Boat Series, the 50th anniversary edition of this great event. Like last year, our class is a diverse array of newer and older high-performance designs. The latest V4H1 version of the Rule Calculator has had some further refinement from last year, and we think will work well for this fleet.

The entries in the HPR class are as follows:

Beecom             TP 52
Hamachi            J/125
Racer X             Farr 36 OD
Rock & Roll       Farr 400 (mod)
Tai Kuai             R/P 44
Whiplash           MC 38
Wicked Sister    Farr 36 OD

Boats are completing measurement formalities this week, with certificates and ratings due for issuance by US Sailing on Monday, September 8th.

A summary of the changes to the V4H Rules from the version used last year as follows:

1. HPR entries must declare a maximum crew weight for purposes of certificate calculation, along with all other relevant measurement data. This may be any figure, as the declared crew weight is used to calculate the rating for the certificate. Any subsequent substitutions in crew must still conform to the declared weight limit.

2. Each HPR entry must complete a crew list, and this list may not change for any race without express permission of the Organizing Authority.

3. Crews may include a media representative, approved by StFYC and the class, for gathering still or video images aboard a boat while racing, or an owner or guest approved by the class who will not be counted with the crew maximum weight limit. This extra person does not have to be on board for all races during the event.

4. All sails to be used during racing in the HPR Class shall be on board before the start of the first race of the day, and no changes shall be made to this inventory during the remainder of the race day.

More info on entries and race scoring during the event can be found at: www.yachtscoring.com/emenu.cfm?eID=1097.