The rating certificates are now posted and available at, and are summarized here:


 Anatole Masfen TP 52  1.1005
Tai Kuai  Daniel Thielman R/P 44  0.9901
Rock & Roll  Bernie Girod Farr 400 (mod)  0.9576
Whiplash  Don Payan MC 38  0.9510
Hamachi  Greg Slyngstad J/125  0.9458
Wicked Sister  John Corda Farr 36 OD  0.9190
Racer X  Gary Redelberger Farr 36 OD  0.9113

A summary of the time allowances in Time-on-Time scoring is also available here: BBS 2014 ToT rating allowances.pdf

An interactive Smart Spraedsheet offered by the Offshore Racing Association (ORA) for HPR and ORR Time-on-Time is available here: SF Bay Smart Scratchsheet.xls.